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Vita is bundled occupational retirement provision for companies
from the Vita Joint Foundations and Zurich Insurance.

The joint foundations apply proven investment strategies when investing your pension capital.
Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd handles the risk insurance, pension payments and customer service for business owners and their employees.

Vita offers a wide range of tailored pension planning solutions with different risk levels and investment options.

Vita products provide companies with tailored occupational retirement solutions.
Customized pensions

Personalized supplementary pension plans with self-determined investment strategies for employees.
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Self-determined employee pension plans for companies having their own pension fund.
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Supplementary saving plans where managers can participate in decisions regarding investments.
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Secure and uncomplicated occupational retirement solutions for companies with direct participation of insured persons in investment performance.
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Capital-guaranteed supplementary pension plans with attractive interest and risk surpluses.
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